From being a farmer to one of the most successful printers in Canada

When François Chicoine and his wife Line Chamberland founded Imprimerie Chicoine, they never imagined that the small printing house created in 1986 would carve out a place for itself among the most successful printers in Canada.

The young farming couple then shared human values and cherished the dream of starting a big family. Over time, they have demonstrated a much larger vision and dared to move forward. This is how Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine made its mark in the field of printing in Quebec.
Today, the Chicoine Group includes the Imprimerie Chicoine and FL Web subsidiaries. It is recognized throughout Quebec for the quality of its printing products, but above all, for its personalized service.

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Start of the company Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine
Start of the company Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine

Formerly farmers, François Chicoine and Line Chamberland started Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine in order to supplement their income.
The company was created in a small room in their residence in Saint-David. They started by printing envelopes and invoices for their seed and fertilizer suppliers.

A new place in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham

As orders and customers increased, they started to run out of space to operate. They therefore acquired a new place in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham. The Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine is now going from 200 ft2 to 2,700 ft2.

I bought an old warehouse for fruit and vegetables. I made an apartment at one end – because I had five children – and on the other side, I had the printing press.

-François Chicoine, La Presse 2018

Construction of a new head office

As the family grows, the business story evolves. The first children of this family of five are now starting to join the family business. Orders are always increasing, so the founders are building a new head office that better meets their needs. The new building offers 7,500 ft2; that is, more than double the previous area.

Acquisition of the Komori Lithrone 40 press
Acquisition of the Komori Lithrone 40 press

The family acquires a Komori Lithrone 40 press, 4 process colors, 28”x 40”. This press now allows them to print quality magazines, catalogs, and other marketing projects.

The Chicoine family is once again expanding its facilities

Five years after doubling its surface area, Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine is on the rise more than ever! The Chicoine family is once again expanding its facilities. The printing house now occupies 20,000 square feet.
They also acquire a Komori Lithrone 40 press with AI virtual intelligence at the Print Show in Chicago. This new 6-color printer plus 28” x 40” format varnish unit has technological advances. The family is now increasing its range of services.

Important technological advance
Important technological advance

The prepress department experienced a major technological breakthrough in 2002. The company acquired a direct-to-plate (CTP) printing system, thanks to the fully automated Agfa Galileo VXT imager.

The days of negatives are now over!

Acquisition of the Komori Spica 429P press

Always with the intention of offering an increasingly complete service, the Chicoine family is expanding its list of equipment. Therefore, they acquire the Komori Spica 429P press, 20”x 29” 4 Perfector colors, 23”x 29”.

Compete with the world of rotary presses

Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine is taking a major turn. The Chicoine family purchases a Komori Lithrone 40 SP, 8 colors (front / back), 28”x 40” press. This acquisition doubles their speed of execution. It therefore allows them to compete with the world of rotary presses.

Imprimerie FL Web
Imprimerie FL Web

The world of printing is constantly changing with incredible technological advancements. While several printing houses are closing their doors, Imprimerie F.L. Chicoine is taking a major turn. Here they are creating a new web division. FL Web Printing was then created to develop the rotary press market.
As the children gradually take over the business, the family acquires a Goss Sunday 2000/24-page rotary press. This super fast press features AI virtual intelligence and new technology. Efficient, it prints 24 pages simultaneously in glued magazine format, cut 3 sides. This arrival marks their entrance in a new market. Thus, they are among the most important printers in Quebec.
To do this, the family undertook the construction of a second building with an area of 40,600 ft2. Imprimerie FL Web is located at the heart of the industrial area of Highway 20, between Montreal and Quebec!
Thanks to Imprimerie FL Web, the company enters the world of large web prints with “superior quality” mention.

FL Web Printing starts its first production
FL Web Printing starts its first production

After a year of assembly, FL Web Printing starts its first production on the new Goss Sunday 2000/24-page web press. The Holstein Quebec review was the very first project printed on the new press. This client has been doing business with the Chicoine family for over 20 years!

Acquisition of a Goss Sunday 3000/48-page rotary press
Acquisition of a Goss Sunday 3000/48-page rotary press

In 2017, Imprimerie Chicoine announced the acquisition of a Goss Sunday 3000/48-page rotary press. This high-performance equipment positions the company at the top of its industry. The company is thus becoming one of the most successful printers in Canada.

The major investment of several million dollars is creating around 40 jobs. A number which could easily increase. To accommodate this massive two-story press that spans 185 feet, the printer doubles the size of its building. It therefore goes from 40,000 to 80,000 square feet. The first drafts are printed in the fall of 2018.

Creation of the Chicoine Group.
Creation of the Chicoine Group.

Wanting to assert the strength of its companies, the Chicoine family creates the Chicoine Group. Thus, Imprimerie F.L Chicoine and Imprimerie F.L. Web now operate under the same umbrella.

Two printing plants, a family business, and the same personalized service almost 35 years later.

Imprimerie Chicoine: a real family story!

Thirty years after its founding, the five children as well as several members of the family are taking part in daily tasks within the company.

« Each project has been seen by at least one family member! We have grown, but we have been able to maintain close relationships over time. Therefore, we are proud to say that we are a true printing partner! »

— François Chicoine

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