We do more than make great impressions

With the environment and the future of upcoming generations at heart, we have implemented many eco-friendly practices.

Recycled paper

We offer a wide range of recycled paper allowing us to offer a high-quality product while being eco-friendly.

Recycling our paper

In order to give printed paper a second life, we have joined into a partnership with Cascades. Our left over is thus recycled into paper or transformed into toilet paper.

VOC-free inks

Our printing products like magazines, flyers or books wind up in your hands. With your health and the environment at heart, we only use ink without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). In other words, no toxic product, such as solvents, is used at the Chicoine Group.

Ecological heating

In winter, we recover the heat from the presses to heat the Printing House. This environmentally friendly alternative heating system saves large amounts of energy.

Natural glycol cooling in winter

We cool our inks when printing with a closed glycol circuit. During winter, we cool the glycol using the outside temperature. The closed circuit is positioned directly on the roof of the factory.

We don’t just make a great impression...

We also have a full circle business!

For example, what is left from our printing jobs is sent to Cascades. They then transform it into transportation boxes for fast food restaurants.

This is also the human side of the Chicoine group!